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Polygrace group takes "Healthy and Fashionable,Natural and Harmonious" as its corporate mission, takes "To Be The Herald Of Green Ecologic Genuine Leather And High Tech Srtistic Life" as its vision, adheres to the values of "Virtuousness and Gratitude,Focus On Customer Value,Sincerity and Cooperation,Pioneering Excellence", and is committed to the bright future of China's leather industry. "Make people's life better, and promote the sustainable development of the world leather industry through unremitting efforts and innovation" is the company's eternal pursuit.

Talent is the most valuable wealth of the company, we are willing to, we can also provide a broad stage for the ambitious people to show themselves.

We are concerned about the growth of every employee and the future of every employee We believe that the success of employees is the success of the company. We highly recommend that employees and enterprises should be proud and humiliated together, and advance and retire together. We not only retain people through treatment, but also through career and affection.

Therefore, in addition to working hard to tap the potential of internal employees in various effective ways, we will open a door to success that will never be closed to the ambitious people in the world.